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Top quality undercarriage parts PC400-6 track link assy

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To ensure quality, we are strict in quality control, from raw material, design, technology, manufacturing for the entire process of detection.

Raw material:
Our carbon steel and special steel are supplied by the big companies all over China.

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What are the advantages of our EXCAVATOR track link assembly

The chain material is 35MnB forging, and the bushings and pins are 40Cr. Overall quenching and tempering heat treatment, internal and external medium frequency. The internal and external precision polishing finish can reach 0.2. Achieve high precision, more wear resistance and longer service life. After the assembly is completed, the finished product is shot blasted as a whole. which has stronger adhesion and makes the overall appearance more beautiful and high-end.

Crack resistance

The bush is done the carbonizaton and the surface medium  frequency quenching treatment,  which ensures the reasonable hardness of core and abrasion resistance of internal and external surfaces.

Abrasion resistance
The pin if done the tempering and the surface medium-frequency quenching treatment, which ensures the sufficient hardness of core and abrasion resistance of external surfaces.

Deep sensing hardened tread 

the track link has been done the mediumfrequency hardening treatment, which ensures its highest strength and abrasion resistance.

* Track links are forged,quenched and tempered.
* Rail deep hardened,with average surface hardness HRC53.
* Track bushings treated in a special furnace for high temperature carburizing.
* Deep hardened pins for best resistance to wear and fatigue.
* Track shoes heat treated for proper thoughness and wear resistance.

We supply track chains for any type of crawler machine, from standard to special applications such as conveyors, bucket wheel excavators, and subsea diamond dredgers.
All our chains are developed by our R&D department in cooperation with our Product Support Specialists who have built up significant expertise in all kind of applications and tirelessly test our products in close partnership with our customers. Innovative materials, new geometries and special heat treatments on all components (pins, bushings and links) guarantee maximum performance and longer wear life.

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