Zoomlion ze1250g hydraulic excavator mini excavator rollers

Zoomlion ze1250g hydraulic excavator mini excavator rollers

1. It adopts internationally famous high-power engine, positive flow hydraulic system and ESI electronic control system of Zoomlion mining machine, which improves the working efficiency by 8% and reduces the fuel consumption per cubic meter by 6% compared with the previous generation of ze1250;

2. Using original imported hydraulic components and advanced hydraulic technology, it can provide multiple modes of confluence regeneration to improve work efficiency; Boom mode can reduce impact and prolong the service life of the machine;


3. Spacious cab, air suspension adaptive seat, glass fiber adjustable armrest, short stroke handle can realize fingertip control, control handle force can be reduced by 20%, ergonomic operation layout can reduce operator fatigue and improve comfort; mini excavator rollers

4. Equipped with 8-inch large screen display and new human-computer interactive operation system, you can view machine parameters and fault alarm at any time. The whole vehicle is equipped with 10 large lumen LED lights, 2 pump room engine room maintenance lights and 2 delay step lights to facilitate night work and maintenance;

5. Modular design is adopted to meet one-stop checkpoint; Equipped with international famous automatic lubrication system; Long term engine oil and hydraulic oil can be selected, and the replacement cycle can be doubled; mini excavator rollers

Post time: May-11-2022