Tips for crushing operation of Komatsu excavator excavator carrier roller

Tips for crushing operation of Komatsu excavator excavator carrier roller

Those engaged in the excavator industry are no strangers to the crushing hammer. For the driver, choosing a good hammer, playing a good hammer and maintaining a good hammer are the basic skills. However, in practical operation, the crushing hammer is often damaged and the maintenance time is long, which also makes everyone very distressed. In fact, if there is no problem in the crushing operation of the excavator, the daily operation not only needs to operate the excavator according to the requirements, but also needs to do well in the following points.


First point: check

The inspection of breaking hammers is basic and should not be taken lightly. In the final analysis, many breaking hammers fail because they do not pay enough attention to minor abnormalities.
For example, whether the high and low pressure oil pipes of the crushing hammer are loose and whether the pipes begin to leak oil must be checked in place to prevent the oil pipes from falling off due to the high-frequency vibration of the crushing operation.

Second point: prevent empty play
During the operation of crushing hammer, many machine operators will think that the problem of empty beating of crushing hammer is not serious. This wrong understanding also leads to the wrong operation of everyone. The drill rod does not always keep perpendicular to the broken object, does not press the object tightly, does not stop the operation immediately after crushing, and several empty strokes occur from time to time.
It seems that the problem of air beating is not serious, nor does it cause too much damage to the breaking hammer itself. In fact, this wrong operation will cause the main bolt to loosen, the front body to be damaged, and even the machine to be injured!

Third point: the slender rod shakes
No matter how long an old driver has been in the industry, he can’t break without shaking his old pole, but such behavior must be reduced to a low level! Otherwise, damage to bolts and rods will accumulate over time!
In addition, bad habits such as falling too fast and pounding broken objects must be corrected in time!

Fourth point: operation in water and sediment
In places such as water or sediment, the probability of using crushing hammer is small, but the possibility of construction under this working condition is not ruled out. At this time, it must be noted that except for the drill rod, the rest of the hammer body cannot be immersed in water and sediment.
The reason is very simple. The crushing hammer itself is composed of precision parts. These precision parts are afraid of ponding, soil, etc., which will seriously affect the performance of the piston and cause the premature failure of the crushing hammer.

Post time: May-13-2022