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Mobile phone must see! Six precautions for hooking up and down slopes. Nigeria Excavator sprocket

Mobile phone must see! Six precautions for hooking up and down slopes. Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


Hook machine: also known as hook machine and rock ripper, it is a kind of rock breaking equipment modified on the basis of large hook machine. It is mainly suitable for hard rock and sub-hard stone breaking construction sites. The construction site is not allowed to fire the project.

Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


The hooking machine will encounter various working conditions in the work, among which the steep slope is very common, but how to make the hooking machine go up and down the slope of various angles quickly and safely? There are mainly the following six aspects;

1. Take a closer look at your surroundings

First of all, the hook machine must be carefully observed before going up and down the slope, and there is a preliminary judgment on the actual angle of the ramp, whether it is within the controllable range of the hook machine operation. If necessary, shake the upper half of the slope to the lower half to reduce the angle of the slope. In addition, if it has just rained, the road is too slippery to go up and downhill.

Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


2. Clear stones when climbing and descending

Whether it is climbing or descending, the surrounding obstacles must be removed first, especially the relatively large stones. When climbing, not very large stones will make the hook machine track slip, so special Notice.

3. When driving on the slope, the guide wheel should be in front

When the hook machine is downhill, the guide wheel should be in the front, so that the upper track is taut to prevent the car body from sliding forward under the action of gravity and causing danger when parking. When the joystick is operated in the opposite direction to the direction of travel of the equipment, it is easy to create a hazard.

4. Move forward at a constant speed when going downhill

When going downhill, the hook machine should keep moving at a constant speed, and the speed of the crawler should be consistent with the speed of the boom, so that the support force of the bucket teeth will not cause the crawler to hang in the air.

Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


5. Go up and down the slope to face the slope

The hook machine should face the slope when climbing, and do not turn on the slope, which may easily cause rollover or landslide. Before driving on a ramp, check the hardness of the ramp surface. Whether going uphill or downhill, remember that the cab must face the forward direction.

Nigeria  Excavator sprocket


6. Try not to park on ramps

Post time: Jul-29-2022