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How to solve the problem of the hydraulic gearbox of bulldozer accessories?Madagascar Excavator sprocket

How to solve the problem of the hydraulic gearbox of bulldozer accessories?Madagascar Excavator sprocket


With the development of technology, the overall equipment structure and layout of bulldozers are constantly improving. At the same time, the application types of hydraulic transmissions are becoming more and more extensive, and different structural forms and design characteristics make their working performance and quality constantly improve. However, the failure of the hydraulic gearbox occurs from time to time, which seriously affects the working efficiency of the bulldozer. This article will come to understand how to solve the failure of the hydraulic transmission? Let’s take a look together.Madagascar Excavator sprocket


Why does the bulldozer not move after the gear is turned on?

Cause of failure: The internal parts of the bulldozer accessories gearbox are damaged, the drive shaft is stuck, and the power cannot be transmitted well;

Remedy: disassemble the gearbox and replace the damaged parts.

Reasons for hydraulic failure: insufficient oil pressure, insufficient gearbox pressure oil, damaged oil pump and oil pump drive shaft, blocked pipelines and filters;

Remedy: add enough hydraulic oil, clean the filter, replace the oil pump and drive shaft, and clean the blocked pipeline.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

The bulldozer does not go straight and turns in place after the gear is shifted

Cause of failure: The brake pedal of the bulldozer accessories does not respond, the brake belt is damaged, and the brake cannot be fully braked;

Remedy: Check whether the brake pedal returns to the edge position. If the brake belt is seriously damaged, replace the brake belt. If it is not serious, adjust it by adjusting the bolt.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

Reasons for hydraulic failure: the hydraulic oil on the inside of the turn has no pressure or insufficient oil pressure, the pressure reducing valve cannot be closed, the exhaust valve cannot be opened and closed, the brake booster sealing ring is damaged, and the hydraulic pressure cannot be formed, so that the brake cannot work;

Remedy: Check whether the filter is blocked, whether the sensor is normal, whether the pressure reducing valve cannot be closed, clean and adjust the corresponding emptying valve, and replace the supercharger sealing ring.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

Turning radius changes when turning in speed gear

The cause of the failure: the friction plate of the hydraulic friction clutch of the bulldozer accessories is worn, and the clutch engagement is abnormal;

Remedy: First check whether the radius of the bulldozer is normal when turning at the speed gear, and secondly see whether the bulldozer works vigorously. Both of these two conditions exist, indicating that the clutch is not engaged properly. Check the wear degree of the friction plate. If the wear is serious, the friction should be replaced. piece.

Bulldozer does not turn when moving forward or backward

Cause of failure: There is a problem with the brakes on both sides of the bulldozer accessories, that is, the brake belt is not tight when braking;

Remedy: Tighten the adjustment bolt of the brake band first, and then loosen it for 1.5 turns. If the brake band is severely worn and the above adjustment cannot solve the problem, the brake band should be replaced.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

The mechanism and system design of the bulldozer gearbox are relatively complex, so that there are various forms and reasons for its failure. Hope the above content can help you!Madagascar Excavator sprocket

Post time: Aug-04-2022