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Asia’s largest “gas bag” dismantled! Shanghai Tengfa 4 crawler cranes take on the heavy lifting task!Madagascar Excavator sprocket

Asia’s largest “gas bag” dismantled! Shanghai Tengfa 4 crawler cranes take on the heavy lifting task!Madagascar Excavator sprocket


Recently, the well-known people’s livelihood news column “News Square” of Shanghai Radio and Television Station has reported with great brilliance that the last wall of the gas tank No. 1 of the “gas bag” demolition project on Daduhe Road in Shanghai was lifted and removed. The total height of the two is 106 meters. The “big green tank” with a diameter of 66 meters has also officially retired! During the demolition process, two 650-ton and two 400-ton crawler cranes from Shanghai Tengfa lifted their giant arms and shouldered the heavy responsibility of demolition and lifting.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

These two “gas packs” that carry the memories of many people were once the largest dry gas tanks in Asia. They not only play an important role in peak regulation and storage in the era of gas development, but also serve as supplements after full gasification. The reserve gas source station plays a role in stabilizing and ensuring supply.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

The demolition area of this project is about 6,913 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of a standard football field. Four large crawler cranes from Shanghai Tengfa are distributed in four directions on the site. Due to the large size of the gas cabinet, the safety of the “disassembly” operation is particularly important, and every hoisting operation needs to be precise.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

During the dismantling process, the 650-ton crane mainly adopts the 96+60 tower working condition, and the 400-ton crane adopts the 84+60 tower working condition. The on-site driver team obeys the command and highly cooperates with the cutting operators. In the order of top cover and wall cabinet”, cut and lift the “big green can” piece by piece.Madagascar Excavator sprocket

It is understood that this project has a tight schedule and heavy tasks. Soon after the crane entered the site, the project was forced to suspend due to the epidemic raging in Shanghai. It was not until Shanghai fully recovered in June that the project successfully pressed the “restart button”. In order to regain the time delayed by the epidemic and the construction period, everyone worked against the scorching sun and raced against time. The superb hoisting technology and close cooperation demonstrated during the process were well received by customers!Madagascar Excavator sprocket


Post time: Aug-05-2022