Analysis of market development situation of excavator parts manufacturers

Since 2015, due to the overall sluggish market situation and increased operating pressure from manufacturers, the living space of excavator parts manufacturers has become narrower and more difficult.
At the 2015 China Excavator Parts Industry Annual Conference and General Council held the previous year, the Secretary-General of the Excavator Parts Branch took “Innovative Development, Adjusting Trends, and Seeking Opportunities in Difficulties” as the theme to analyze the current status of the parts industry .
She pointed out that at the time of the rapid development of the excavator industry, for the accessories manufacturers in full bloom, as long as they can find a long-term supplier of accessories for a large excavator OEM, it is equivalent to finding a A long-term dependent tree. Nowadays, the excavator industry is in a sluggish situation, product sales are declining as a whole, and liquidity is in a hurry, causing parts manufacturers to generally fall into a “dilemma”. On the one hand, the sales of OEMs have plummeted, and the demand for parts and other undercarriage parts has also decreased, resulting in a significant reduction in orders for many parts and components manufacturers. At this time, accessory manufacturers blindly rely on host manufacturers, not only unable to grow further, but also likely to endanger their survival. On the other hand, domestic parts manufacturers are not large in scale, mainly small and medium-sized manufacturers, with limited independent innovation capabilities, low technical levels, limited service levels, and lack of core competitiveness.
Therefore, in the current sluggish market environment, manufacturers have limited room to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and the pressure for transformation and upgrading has further increased. Many manufacturers have reached the break-even point and are on the verge of life and death. Many manufacturers cannot see the future development direction and even withdraw slowly. The market.
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Post time: Jun-07-2021