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20 sets are released! XCMG’s thousand-ton crawler cranes assembled in Xinjiang wind power base Canada Excavator sprocket

20 sets are released! XCMG’s thousand-ton crawler cranes assembled in Xinjiang wind power base Canada Excavator sprocket


In the midsummer June, XCMG’s crawler crane industrial base blew a “wind power heat wave”. The launching ceremony of Dafeng Energy’s second batch of 20 XCMG XGC15000A (1,000-ton) crawler cranes participating in the construction of the Xinjiang wind power base project was grandly held.

This is another intensive and large-scale market delivery activity after Dafeng Energy completed the delivery of 15 XCMG thousand-ton crawler cranes at the end of 2021. After half a year, 20 brand-new XCMG thousand-ton crawler cranes went off the assembly line to complete the commissioning, and went to Xinjiang again to build a world-renowned super wind power base. Canada Excavator sprocket

Dafeng Energy Group is a national top 100 hoisting enterprise in the fields of infrastructure, petrochemical, refining, nuclear power, wind power and other large-scale engineering construction. Dafeng Energy has firmly chosen XCMG twice, which fully shows its high recognition of the powerful performance of XCMG’s hoisting equipment, and it is also the inevitable result of XCMG’s deep cultivation of the industry field following the national “dual carbon” strategy.

In order to promote the construction of new energy enterprises such as wind power, XCMG concentrated on research and development, and XGC15000A came into being. This model has been favored by the industry as soon as it was launched, taking the lead in the thousand-ton market, and the market holdings are far ahead. Canada Excavator sprocket

The XGC15000A boom has a longest combination of 172+12 meters in wind power conditions, covering 170 meters for 5-6MW large wind turbines. It is the only 1000-ton crane in the industry with standard jib, double jib, widened jib and ultra-wide jib. Canada Excavator sprocket

In recent years, the wind power construction industry has ushered in unprecedented new opportunities for development. XCMG will use the world’s ultimate innovation ability and intelligent manufacturing technology to create a “Silk Road” for China’s new energy construction, and write with great powers to play a great prelude to the arrival of the upsurge of wind power construction in Xinjiang! Canada Excavator sprocket

Post time: Jul-04-2022