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Komatsu Excavator Idler – how to replace the idler wheel,China Excavator Idler

Komatsu Excavator Idler – how to replace the idler wheel,China Excavator Idler


The guide wheel is an important component of the travel system of large construction machinery such as excavators, it is installed on the track, used to guide the track, its role is mainly to guide the track correct winding, and at the same time use the tensioning device to make the guide wheel move to adjust the tension of the track, so the guide wheel is both the guide wheel of the track and the tensioning wheel in the tensioning device.China Excavator Idler

Method to replace the excavator idler:
1. Remove the tracks of the excavator first.
Remove a single valve in the place of the butter mouth, put the butter inside, use the bucket to push the guide wheel in, so that the crawler is as loose as possible, if the excavator used is below 150, remove the track pin, if it is more than 150, use the bucket to hook the track down, remember to remove the single valve, otherwise it is not good to remove the track, and it is even more difficult to install.
2. Install the guide wheel.
Idler mounting is the same as general wheel mounting. Use a jack to prop up the excavator, then use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws, remove them, attach new wheels, apply lubricating oil, and complete the installation.

The butter gun is used to pour the butter into the butter cylinder through the butter nozzle, so that the piston extends to push the tightening spring, and the guide wheel moves left to tighten the track. The jacking spring has an appropriate stroke, and the spring is compressed to play a buffer role when the tightening force is too large; After the excessive tension disappears, the compressed spring pushes the guide wheel into place. In this way, it can ensure sliding along the track frame to change the wheel pitch, ensure the disassembly of the track, reduce the impact of the walking process, and avoid the derailment of the rail chain. The damage to the guide wheel assembly is mainly caused by poor lubrication of the guide wheel shaft.China Excavator Idler
The above is the replacement method of excavator chassis parts guide wheel, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about excavator accessories, you can leave a comment below!


Post time: Feb-16-2023